NORpen Waste Management
Spring Cleanup/Bulk Waste Pickup
Spring Cleanup/Bulk Waste Pickup will take place for a two-week period, June 11 – 23, 2018, in all 4 Sub-regions. Items should be placed to the curb by 8:00 a.m. on the same day as collection of regular waste. We will ensure to collect all items by the end of the second week (Saturday, June 23). Please do not call if items are not collected prior to this date. Items are not to be placed to the curb after your collection day in the second week.
• Box Springs and Mattresses
• Sofas, Tables, Chairs, Furniture
• Dressers, Bathroom Fixtures
• Children’s Toys, Desks and Bookshelves
• Household Appliances (Fridges, Stoves, Washers, Dryers etc.) Fridges & stoves must have all doors removed & fridges must have freon removed.
• Doors, Door Boxes, Window Boxes – glass must be removed,
• Carpet tied in rolls (less than 6 ft, less than 50 pounds)
• Tree limbs tied in bundles (less than 6 ft, less than 50 pounds)
• Glass – securely placed in puncture proof packaging & marked as “BROKEN GLASS”
• Other bulk items normally associated with a household

Brick ı Concrete ı Electronics such as computers & TV’s ı Vehicle parts include parts from cars, trucks etc., snowmobiles, ATV’s, side-by-sides…ı Earthen materials including stumps and large trees ı Roof shingles and construction materials ı Tires ı Liquids ı Regular household garbage ı Hazardous waste like paint, chemicals, etc. ı Wood material other than tree limbs, doors, door boxes and window boxes
Please Note:
Scattered or loose items will not be collected!
All loose items must be boxed, bagged or bundled and tied!
Appliances and other metals should be kept separate from other items when placed to the curb!



A fundraising committee has been formed to help with costs of a splash pad. The executive is:
Co-chairs Amie Simms and Jocelyn Reid
Secretary Brianna Kennedy
Treasurer Hollis Cull

If you would like to help please contact one of the above members, if you have not already indicated your willingness to assist.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered.

Splash Pad

Several residents have expressed an interest in having a splash pad in our area. The facilities are quite expensive, and the town is looking for anyone interested in seating on a fundraising committee to raise money for this project. Members are welcome from surrounding committees as well. This project will benefit the region.

IGA has already given a $10,000 grant to towards the project.

There are many benefits to having a splash pad including more time in the fresh air; time spent with friends getting much needed play time, social interaction (for parents and children) and exercise.
However, to make this happen there is a need for at least 10 committee members. If you are interested, a meeting on Monday, June 11 at 7:00 pm, Gerry Byrne Room.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Town of Gillams who have generously donated a ’73 fire truck to the town. The truck will be stationed in Bide Arm.

Pictured below are: from the Town of Roddickton-Bide Arm Firefighter Barry Randell and Fire Chief Craig Canning and from the Town of Gillams Fire Chief Cecil Kerr, Mayor Patricia Penney, Town Manager Shelley Penney and Deputy Mayor Newton Pritchett.